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A Disciplined, Consistent New Client Process

We have a clear process to understand your goals and develop appropriate recommendations.

1. Discovery Process - Initial Meeting

Identifiy your goals, values, dreams, special concerns and challenges

2. Develop Investment Strategy - Generally 10 Days after Initial Meeting

Determine risk tolerance
Analyze current investment portfolio
Develop asset allocation strategy
Portfolio construction

3. Investment Strategy Meeting - Generally within 20 Days of Initial Meeting

In-Person meeting to present recommended investment strategy

4. Execute Investment Strategy - Generally within 30 Days of Initial Meeting

Open new accounts
Transfer existing assets
Conduct trades to execute agreed-upon investment strategy

5. 45-day Follow-up Meeting

In person meeting to discuss first statements, organization of paperwork and online access

6. Develop Comprehensive Wealth Management Plan - Generally within 90 Days

Comprehensive Financial Strategies
Retirement Planning
Insurance and Liability Management
Education Planning
Business Succession Planning
Charitable Giving
Family Dynamics
Estate Planning Needs

7. Wealth Management Plan Meeting

In-Person meeting to present comprehensive wealth management solutions

8. Execute Wealth Management Plan

Ongoing execution of wealth management solutions

9. Ongoing Evaluation of Investment Strategy and Wealth Management Plan

Develop schedule for review meetings




This is for illustrative purposes only and your specific process may require different timeframes depending on your specific situation.